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What age should a kid start watching anime?

What age should a kid start watching anime? Let’s get going

Today we will be answering the question What age should a kid start watching anime let’s get started

So hold should a kid be. Well that depends.

A kid as young as 6 can watch anime like Pokemon, Yugioh,

Digimon, and Yōkai watch.

Although there are x rated anime

… most anime are for kids 13 to 15.

Adults also watch them too.

Some of the titles are would be sword art online (sao) next,

my hero academia after that,

t black clover then, Naruto, bleach, one-piece, fairy tail, and many more.

Now why its usually drawn towards an older audience is a totally different story.

What age should a kid start watching anime?

You must understand that just because it looks like a cartoon.

Does not always means it’s for kids.

I’m nearly 20.

I have seen stuff that if a 12-year-old watched.

They would curl up In ball scared for life.

Anime like High School DxD or Testament Of Sister New Devil is aimed at more Mature audience.

The ages are Usually ranging at least 16 to 18+.

Where most the audience is and why.

(Most) anime is often advertised towards an audience of ages 13 to adult.

It’s important to note that I used the word most because it’s definitely not all.

When a child enters jr. High (age 13 to 15).

They find what they think is the first encounter to anime.

But usually, they have seen it once or twice before with out knowing it.

If you are wondering when and where its simple shows like Pokemon, Digimon and, Yugioh are all anime and are ok for kids 6 to12.

What to watch out for.

The first show I found when I was very young.

I was about 14 or 15 it was high school dxd.

High school dxd is definitely X rated. Do not let your child under the age of 16 to 18 watch this.

Unless they are ready to see sexual shows.

That’s are as close to porn as you’ll get.

There are shows like My Hero Academia Also known as MHA.

That are more suitable for a younger audience,

Also the other shows listed above.

Then there are shows for kids about 12 and under that are great.

Some of these shows are Pokémon, Digimon, Yugioh and Yōkai Watch.

To be honest, I still watch some of those today like Yugioh or Digimon.

The simple truth of the matter is a lot of anime contain sexual or crude jesters/language.

That is not suitable for kids under 12 or 13.

Most anime is suitable for age 12 and up.

In general,

If your kid does not watch X rated anime you’re fine for the ages 12 and up.

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