Top 7 most beautiful anime girls. I hope you like my picks. >

Top 7 most beautiful anime girls. I hope you like my picks.

Top 7 most beautiful anime girls . Here’s my picks

Hello everyone hope you enjoy my pics for Top 7 most beautiful anime girls.

Firstly number 1 Top 7 most beautiful anime girls Rias Gremory

There is no way Rias would miss this list. She’s sweet, cute, and let’sl be honest she has a killer rack. All you guys out there were thinking that, and there’s no way you can lie we all see right through you lol. But seriously she has pretty long red hair with adorable blue eyes. Oh yeah, she can kick your ass if she really wanted to.

Second for Top 7 most beautiful anime girls goes to Number 2 Lucy Heartfilia

Of course, Lucy made this list. Shes kind, smart, and resourceful. Also, She is a very powerful celestial wizard. She has pretty long blonde hair and a cute smile, with that body how could you not fall for her.

Number 3 Top 7 most beautiful anime girls goes to Akeno Himejima

Akeno with her jet black hair and voluptuous body how could you not love her. Not to mention she’s strong, pretty athletic. Of course, you know this already but she’s a badass, that with lightning magic. Not to mention she’s about to bust out of her top. No wonder she’s this high on the list.

Number 4 Ochaco Uraraka My hero academia

Ochaco is a sweet determined girl, with a bubbly personality. She has the will to work hard to achieve her goals. What’s not to like about a girl like this? If she were real id probably ask her out on a date. With a personality like that, I’m not surprisedI she made this list

Number 5 Erza Scarlet Fairy tail

Erza is strong-willed, and not to mention physical strong young lady. Erza also cares deeply for her friends. She also wishes to protect them.” you don’t die for your friend. You live for them”-Erza Scarlet. It’s not hard to believe she made this list.

Second to last Is Number 6 Mimosa vermillion

Mimosa is a sweet but timed girl, that doesn’t have much of a filter she can be a little bit ditzy girl she’s a hard worker and admires those who work hard like her cousin Noelle Silva.

Last Number 7 Noelle Silva I hope you like my picks.

Noelle is your classic Tsunadere. She Is a hard worker. She was put down by her siblings and treated cold heartedly. but she grew stronger do to the help of her friends and her will to keep going.

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