Top 5 yandere/tsundere in anime countdown TIME!! >

Top 5 yandere/tsundere in anime countdown TIME!!

Top 5 yandere/tsundere in anime!

This is top 5 yandere/tsundere in anime let’s get going. These are my pics what are yours put it in the comments below. Let’s start the COUNTDOWN!!

Firstly, Number 1 Kurumi Tokisaki (Yandere) Date A Live

Firstly, Kurumi is an S class spirit that has killed many people. Next will say Kurumi with out a doubt is a yandere. Secondly, she has the power to manipulate time. Kurumi has many clones. They have been created due to her power of time.

Secondly, Number 2 Noelle Silva (tsundere) Black Clover

Without a Doubt, Noelle is a tsundere, without a doubt. Noelle was. Born in the house of Silva a royal household. All though she was born with exponential magic powers. Noelle is unable to control those powers though. But because she is a royal she puts Asta down to the day when she falls in love with him. She followed Asta to what. you could call a date. SittingS in the freezing cold look through the window stocking him. The is extremely cold to Him when they meet.

Thirdly, Number 3 Kaede Fuyou (yandere) shuffle

Firstly, Kaede is a kind and sweet girl she wishes to be by Rins Side. She wants this so much that she tried to kill Asa. This happen when she was told about the rins relationship.

Fourthly, Number 4 Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld (tsundere) The Asterisk War

Julis is the crown princess of Lieseltania. As tsundere, her character was not done right. I still really like her. As a character. Julis is one of the Stregas in existence. She uses fire-based spells. She also uses a pink light sword to fight. ranked 5th at Seidoukan Academy, she is a badass.

Finally, Number 5 Nina Einstein yandere code geass

Nina is a smart girl. She is pretty much a bookworm with a sexual attraction to third princess Euphemia she was once seen masturbating to a picture of Princess Euphemia.

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