Top 5 white haired characters in anime! Number 2 might shock you >

Top 5 white haired characters in anime! Number 2 might shock you

Top 5 white haired characters in anime!

This my picks for Top 5 white haired characters in anime! I know the characters well some better then others. Let’s go!!!

Firstly, Bell Cranel

Danmachi/is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon

Bell is a part of goddess Hestias group.

Apart from that he is the adoptive grandson of Zeus.

Bell was thought to be week.

So know clan would let him in.

It turns out that Bell is 20x more powerful then anyone gave him credit for.

Secondly, Origami Tobiichi

Date a live 1,2, and 3

Origami was apart of the anti spirt defense force.

Origami Wants to avenge her parent’s death.

(Spoiler there is a huge plot twist there.)

Origami is know a spirt and a powerful one at that.

Very attractive with long hair. Oh yea you don’t see long hair till season 3.

Thirdly, Asta

Black clover

Asta is born without magic in a world where magic is everything.

It’s not about if you have magic, it’s about how much you have.

Asta was give two anti-magic swords. This was his blessing.

This gave Asta a chance at his dream.

He took this chance and ran, swim, and flew with it.

Now he works hard towards his goals every day.

Fourthly, Shiro

No game no life

Firstly, Shiro is a genius literally shiro was taken to be examined at age 3.

Shiro is only 1/2 of blank.

Witch is the duo powerhouse of No game no life.

Together her and sora make the unstoppable team blank.

(fun fact the words sora and shiro make the Japanese kanji symbol for blank).

Finally, Inuyasha


Inuyasha is the half-human half-demon.

He has sword that can slay 100 demons with in swing.

Inuyasha’s sword is also his limiter.

If he is very badly injured and he is not holding the sword he transforms.

His blood temporarily turns all demon and its too much for him to control.

He them Slaughters everyone insight. This includes demons and humans.

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