Top 5 redhead anime girls. It’s count down time otakus! >

Top 5 redhead anime girls. It’s count down time otakus!

Top 5 redhead anime girls

Of course, this post is about the top 5 redhead anime girls. I read all comments personally. I also welcome everyone to comment. So please share, like, and of course COMMENT! LOL.

Firstly, Number 1 Mio Naruse Testament of sister New devil 18+

Mio is the daughter of the former demon lord. Mio was hidden away for her safety. Knowing many would seek her powers to use for their own game. Mio mostly uses fire magic. Mio’s powers when unleashed are more then she can handle.

Secondly, Number 2 Kotori Itsuka date a live.

Kotori is a fire spirit. She has a staff that allows her to shoot a huge blast of fire out that nearly defeated Kurumi. I might add Kurumi is a S ranked spirt. Kotori has lost control of her powers in the past. Nearly killing Shido. This was in the battle with Kurumi.

Thirdly, Number 3 Erza Scarlet Fairytail

Erza is a wizard that specializes in magic weaponry. Erza also specializes in magic armor. She uses her magic to change her armor and weapons. She does this to use whatever armor best suits her situation. For instance, She uses flame empires armor to fight Natsu. She uses this armor because fire magic is 50% less effective.

Fourthly, Number 4 Ayano kannagi

Ayano is the next head of the Kannagi family. Ayano Welds a magic sword. She fights yomo alongside Kazuma. Together they fight to protect their friends and family. Ayano also uses fire magic a lot like others on the list lol. She is a very powerful fire user. A little badass, with a temper.

Fifthly, Number 5 Rias Gremory high school dxd 18+

Rias is the next head of the house of Gremory. She is a badass with insane magic powers. She commands a group of devils that also has magic powers. Let’s be honest what kind of anime fan would I be if I didn’t put such a voluptuous redhead on this list. I am perving out a little bit lol. But seriously she had to make this list.

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