Top 5 loli’s in anime. It's countdown my fellow otaku’s!! >

Top 5 loli’s in anime. It’s countdown my fellow otaku’s!!

Top 5 loli’s in anime.

let’s get the Top 5 loli’s/lolicons in anime count down going, Remember everyone has their own opinions. If you have one put it in the comments. We love hearing from you and will answer every comment or questions.

Firstly, Number 1 shiro

Shiro is one half of blank. Shiro is the ruler of Elchea as well as her brother Sora.

In Japanese kanji the 2 names put together make blank.

Shiro is one of the smartest girls you will meet in your life.

Her knowledge came from playing video games ironically enough.

Secondly, Number 2 Wendy Marvell Fairy Tail

Wendy is the third and youngest dragon slayer to join fairy tail.

Her magic and skillsets consist of wind dragon slayer magic,

and a Bunch of high-level healing spell.

Wendy does not like to fight,

but on the other hand, will if it means to protect her friends in fairytail.

Because of this, it makes sense that she doesn’t have many attack spells.

Thirdly, Number 3 Yoshino Date a live

Yoshino is a spirt that controls the weather rain and ice.

Yoshino was saved by Shido.

This happens after Shido found and returned her puppet.

She was a little awkward at first but eventually became extremely kawaii or cute I should say.

Yoshino is friendly but shy with a loving and lovable personality.

She is a fan favorite of Date a live.


Fourthly, Number 4 nymph heavens lost property 18+

Nymph is an angeloid. She has blue or clear wings.

And of course blue hair and blue eyes.

Nymph is 16 years old. since she is a loli she has the body of a 10-year-old girl,

that is just starting to develop breasts.

But she is definitely adorable in a non-sexual way of course lol.

Finally, Number 5 Pan

Pan is 1/4 Saiyan and has never gone super.

Pan is powerful one reason is she is Goku’s granddaughter.

The other is she has been trained in martial arts.

By Goku, Gohan, and Vide.

She has also traveled across the entire galaxy fighting many types of enemies.

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