Top 5 isekai anime in the the past 19 years! Ready set read! >

Top 5 isekai anime in the the past 19 years! Ready set read!

Top 5 isekai anime in the the past 19 years!

Now for the Top 5 isekai anime in the the past 19 years! let’s read otakus. Like comment share most importantly enjoy.


Early 2000s

Inuyasha is about the half-demon Inuyasha. As well as the reincarnated priestess Kagome. The go around the Continent searching for jewel fragments of the Secret jewel. Together they battle demons. As Inuyasha grows closer to Kagome. He begins to protect with his life. As well as rely on her for help when he needs it.

Secondly, Wise man’s grandchild


Wise man’s grandchild is about shin who died and got reincarnated as an op/badass main character. From a very young age, shin is extremely talented at everything he does. On his 15 birthday, his grandfather said oops I guess I forgot to teach him common sense. So they decided I would be best for shin to study in the capital to get a feel for it all. Besides making some good friends. Shin is constantly forced to kill Demonoid. Then to train his friends to fight with him to defeat them

Thirdly, Gate


Gate is about Itami a complete otaku. When he is going to an anime convention and a gate opens up in Japan. Monsters and knights come out of the gate launching a full-on assault. Itami who is a lieutenant in the army fights back with the police. Later Itami is assigned to be stationed on the other side of the gate. From there let’s just say the fun starts. He meets a demigoddess, an elf, as well as a wizard the rest you will have to find out for yourself.

Fifthly, No game no life


No game no life is about Sora and Shiro. They are transported to another world. In this world, games decide everything literally. Sora and Shiro make up a team. They call their self blank as they would leave there gamer tag blank. This pair is completely unstoppable. They never lose to anyone. But they lost to each other more times then they can count. That quote just so you know. As they conquer every nation they move towards there goal to battle the god of games tet.

Finally Sword art online/sao


Sword art online is about Kirito that gets the game sao on the release date. In this game, he was in of the data testers. When he and everyone else go to log out the physical can not. They are then told. They must beat the game to game to escape. But if they die they will die irl. Because the VR set they use microwaves your brain. The same thing happens if someone tries to take it off irl. Sao follows Kirito as he sets out to clear each floor becoming the hero of the story. As well accidentally start a personal harem lol.

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