Top 5 cutest girls in Sword art online!! Get ready to count! >

Top 5 cutest girls in Sword art online!! Get ready to count!

Top 5 cutest girls in Sword art online!!

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Let’s start Top 5 cutest girls in Sword art online!! With no further ado let’s get started.



Firstly, let me say, Leafa is a kind young lady with a-

good heart.

Leafa is not an easy target.

She is very skilled at using her magic,

she is not only skilled with magic.

Leafa is one of the most skilled swordswomen In the-

show. Irl making it to nationals in-

the kendo competition.

Leafa is strong and kind.

What else do you want the cleavage from –

her outfit lol?

Sorry I always think about that I think it’s funny,

And I know I’m not the only one


Asuna Yuuki


Asuna kind, sweet and not to mention a redhead.


She is my kind of girl.

She is beyond skill with a sword.

Lighting Flash Asuna is her nickname.

Her skill and speed with a sword.

Is unmatched.

It not just the fact that I have a thing for redheads,

I swear lol. But she is definitely my kind of girl.



Firstly, Silica is a kind, young, and energetic middle school girl.

Secondly, She is the youngest member of the group by far.

As will as I want to mention She is on this list because of being loli cute.

Not sexually cute.

She has a pet dragon that goes everywhere with her.

Her dragons name is pina.

She has a cute smile and a loving heart.



Calm, cool-headed, and mentally strong.

Sinon comes from a tragic past.

That scared her for life.

Unable to hold a gun with out vomiting shortly after falling asleep crying.

Sinon was forced to kill a man at age about 7.

But she finds out later by killing this man she saved 2-

lives. A pregnant lady and the baby inside her.

Fifth and finally,


Yuuki is kind, sweet.

Most importantly hopeful.

Yuuki was born with aids.

Her mom got a blood transfusion before she was born.

Which was contaminated with aids.

She was alo’s most powerful swordswomen.

She was only able to really live in VR.

Hooked up to a machine most of her live.

She died alo’s most loved player. May she rest in peace.

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