Top 5 best spirits in Date a live 1-3! Let get ready to count! >

Top 5 best spirits in Date a live 1-3! Let get ready to count!

Top 5 best spirits in Date a live!

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Tohka Yatogami

Tohka is a kind, sweet caring, but a pretty dense young lady.

She is strong enough to wield a huge sword.

Tohka would do anything for Shido. As well as the rest of her friends.

Tohka loves to eat.

She could eat an entire buffet and still be hungry in my opinion tohka is one-

of the more beautiful spirits in Date a life.

Tohka means 10th as in the day Shido met her and gave her and her name.

Tohka is also the only spirit that Shido named.



Yoshino is a very cute, shy, and kind girl.

She is scared to fight. Yoshino is powerfull but not really powerful.

b class is Yoshino’s rank as a spirit. Not the weakest but far from the strongest.

She is very very kawaii.

Yoshino Uses icy and water enter based attacks. Like snow and rain.


Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi is a yandere, simply put.

She’s of the S class spirit. She has the power to control time.

So, Kurumi is at the top of the class of course.

Let me tell you she’s pretty psychotic. She has killed 10,000 people.

This does not include spacequake.

On the other Kurumi has a more gentle side as well,

That shows in the ova of season 2.


Origami Tobiichi

Origami was originally one of the first girls, Shido put the moves on lol.

She was turned into a spirit in the third season.

This was when she was fighting the other spirits.

Origami’s spirit form has a yellow dress a crown and white gloves.

Origami is in love with Shido. Her inverse is my favorite form. It’s.

Teal a little too exposed form my taste but very attractive.

In this form she has long silver hair,

She a wrap around her legs like a swims suit. And very little covering her breast.

Fifth, and Finally,


Yamai is a spirit that was originally 1 person.

For unknown reason probably a transporting between dimensions.

She was divided into two different.people.

Yamai has beautiful orange hair and pretty eyes.

Yamai’s two half’s have fought about 99 battles.

The 100th decides who will become the true Yamai and-

of course the goul is to seduce Shido.

The winner becomes the one and only Yamai.

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