Top 5 anime girls with pink hair!! Number 4 will shock you >

Top 5 anime girls with pink hair!! Number 4 will shock you

Top 5 anime girls with pink hair!!

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Firstly Julis Alexia Van Riessfeld 

(The Asterisk War)

Julis is a princess of a small country,

Although she’s a princess. She usually doesn’t act like one.

Julis is a bit of tomboy.

The wish she wants to be granted at the Festa. Is to save the orphans.

In the orphanage near her home. Julis is a strong-willed young woman.

She has a fiery personality. Julis is very strong and ranked 5th in her school.

Secondly, Ayano Kannagi

(Kazi no Stigma/stigma of the wind)

Ayano is the next head of the Kannagi family.

The Kannagi’s are a family of fire magic users.

Ayano is a very powerful fire magic-user.

Her hot head and lack of focus keep her from reaching her full potential.

Ayonno has a crush on Kazuma the wind magic contractor.

They never finished the show.

This is due to the creator dying before he could finish it.

So we will never know how it ended sadly because it’s a great show.

Thirdly, Kourousagi (Black Rabbit) 

( problem children are coming from another planet aren’t they)

Black rabbit Usually has purple hair.

In her true form it’s pink. She is what’s known as a moon rabbit.

Black rabbit is approximately 200 years old.

So guess what guys she legal. If you are into bunny girls that is lol.

Black rabbit is kind, caring, and patient, dont push her too far though.

She’ll chase you down faster then you can say RUN!!

Stephanie Dola

(no game no life)

Stephanie is kind, nieve, but a somewhat ditsy girl.

Stephanie is very trusting in Sora and Shiro.

Sora is her love interest and she cares about team blank a lot.

Stephanie is the former king of imanity daughter.

She is also the current prime minister of elchea.

Finally, the last one Lisbeth

(Sword Art Online)

Lisbeth is a kind and very brave young lady.

She is a blacksmith ig and high school girl irl.

Lisbeth is an expert mace user as she proclaimed to kirito.

She enjoys playing with her friends online and irl.

On alo she often will update and upgrade her friend weapons.

So the can fight strong and strong bosses or opponents.

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