Top 4 magic anime!! It’s time to count otakus!!! >

Top 4 magic anime!! It’s time to count otakus!!!

Top 4 magic anime

This is my list of top 4 magic anime. Please sit back read and chill my otaku’s. Please like COMMENT and share.

Firstly, Number 1 Kazi no Stigma

Kazi no Stigma is about Kazuma who was pretty much exiled from his family, because of his inability to learn proper fire magic. In the time he was exiled. He became the contractor of wind magic. Or as his fighting companion, Ayonno said to him. He got the spirit king of winds blessing.

Secondly, Number 2 Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins is about 7 warrior. Each are branded with the mark of the beast. The seven deadly sins framed for trying over throw the kingdom. One day the holy Knights try to capture the third Princess Elizabeth, years later she sets out to find the 7 deadly sins to take back the kingdom. This ONE IS A MUST WATCH NO EXCEPTIONS.

Thirdly Number 3 Campione

Campione is the title; given to one that has killed a God. Campione is. About Godou Kusanagi. Godou has killed Verethragna that is the God of war and Victory. In his quest to protect the ones he cares about. Godou Constantly finds himself in more and more predicament, from fighting gods to dealing with his own personal harem lol.

Fourth, and finally Number 4 Trinity 7

Trinity 7 is about Arata Kasuga a perverted high school student. One day Arata’s whole world crashed down on him. In this, he created a new world. He is told to destroy the of die. Arata pics a 3rd choice train to be a mage at the school the girl getting ready to kill him came from. From there his Journey continues.

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