This is my Wise man’s grandchild review > %

This is my Wise man’s grandchild review

Wise man’s grandchild review.

Wise man’s grandchild is your typical isekai/fantasy anime. It follows shin Wolford a reincarnated child found and raised by a man known as wise man. He is trained in battle and magic and is very OP. On his 15th birthday, wise man says I may have for forgot to teach him common senses. They decided that shin would go to magic academy. He will also fight demonoinds and protect his classmates to keep everyone safe he fights hard.

S class students

A lot of people give this anime a very hard time. Most will say it’s not original when you say it is. It is not original in every aspect of the show yes. It’s an isekai anime, of course, it’s not completely original but there are quite a few original spots in the show. Other things people will say is the animation is not great and the voice acting is not good I for one find this anime enjoyable. Lots of battles a little awkward romance and an OP main character. I found it enjoyable not the best but enjoyable and very fun to watch.

Shin Wolford

Firstly, One of my favorite characters is Sicily. I love the design of her eyes and hair she is a shy attractive girl with waist length blue hair. Another one of my favorite characters is shin. Yes I know I know shin is the OP protagonist. The truth of the matter is I’m really entertained watching him kick demon ass, as well as protect his friends.

Wise man’s grandchild

Wise man’s grandchild review Summary.

The good

Wise man’s grandchild is a fun anime to watch. It’s a good anime that has a good amount of awesome battles, good characters, and an OP badass main character

The bad

Wise man’s grandchild is a good anime but here are the drawbacks. The animation is choppy. The voice acting is not so great. The show is not completely original due to the fact of the isekai genre.

I give this anime 7 out of 10 ?

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