My favorite anime couples. Remember come back for more. >

My favorite anime couples. Remember come back for more.

My 4 favorite anime couples.

If you have any favorite anime couples post them in the comments below. These are my favorite anime couples. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions put it in the comments below. Let’s get started with this post.

Number 1 Benio and Rokuro

Twinstar Exorcists

Benio and Rokuro start out very very rough,

in the beginning but they are destined to get married.

So they will give birth to the Miko.

This is to save the world from all The demons

Number 2 Lelouch and Kallen

Code Geass

Lelouch and Kallen have a sweet and simple relationship.

Till the end of zero of course.

Kallen was one of the very few people who knew Lelouch identity.

When Lelouch Became emperor a Britannia and became a tyrant she still believed in him.

One of the last times She sees them she kisses him and tells goodbye.

Number 3 Natsu And Lucy fairy tail

Natsu And Lucy first meet Due to Natsu wondering around stupid And motion sick.

This saves Lucy from a charm spell put on her from a magic item.

Later on, Natsu saves her again on a boat.

This is right before Natsu takes her to join fairy tail.

God knows how many episodes later there a couple LOL.

Number 4 Inuyasha and Kagome inuyasha

Inuyasha and Kagome are quite a pair.

Due to being sealed to the sacred tree.

Inuyasha has major trust issues after Kagome unseals him 50 years later.

Kagome and Inuyasha argue and fight all the time.

But they care for each other very much. very simple I know.

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