I have an anime game . Who are the loli’s let’s play otakus ! >

I have an anime game . Who are the loli’s let’s play otakus !

I have an anime game

The rules to this game!!!

I have an anime game. I hope you like it.

(Firstly You must guess only once)

(Secondly, You must get everything correct)

(Thirdly You must tell me all the facts about all the lolis)

(Fourthly) List the loli’s as you give the facts. So I know which specific loli’s you are talking about. It would be easier for me if you go from green to red loli’s.)

Firstly you must guess who are the characters are in the picture. This time we are only using the lolis For the test.t Not the purple haired guy. But you are free to use him in the test see if you can impress me. Secondly, write a description of their first scene, how old they are, there name, witch episodes was there first, what powers they have what season they first appeared in. In whatever order you want.

I hope you like my anime game. My friend Damarco helped me come up with this. If you like anime re-post this on social media. Also in the comments. Tell me which one of the lolis in the picture is your favorite and why are you like that specific loli. Even if you haven’t watched the show what do you like about that loli? If you like this game let me know and I’ll try to do more. To contact me my email is. owner@bluesanime.com or COMMENT in the COMMENT section!!!!!!! THANKS FOR PLAYING MY GAME!!!

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