Date A Live what I think about Yoshino! What do you think?! >

Date A Live what I think about Yoshino! What do you think?!

Date A Live what I think about Yoshino.

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Let’s start Date A Live what I like about Yoshino! With no further ado let’s get started!

If I HAD to pick my 2nd favorite spirit in Date a live It would be Yoshino.

Firstly, her name Yoshino

Yoshino is different.

Really the only other anime I heard that name on is Digimon Data Squad.

It could be I just need to expand my anime watch list encyclopedia.

But as far as I can remember that’s the only other one I’ve heard it from.

Personally, I think Yoshino is a good name. I can’t say it fits her well.

I can say the name just works at least for her.

But it’s definitely not bad don’t get me wrong.

Next, Her spirit armor and hair

Her spirit armor is definitely different. Or should i say odd?

It’s a white dress with ruffles at the bottom.

And a pink ribbon around her neck that goes a 1/4 of the way down her dress crisscrossing.

On top of that is a frog green hoody jacket.

With tan trim and a design on the edges as well as the buttons.

With a green strand hanging with a big white Pom Pom from the back for a bunny tail.

And 2 big green and tan bunny ears with pink buttons on the end from the hood.

I like how her hair is a pretty light blue instead of a dark blue.

I think this all fits her well. Although it’s odd it fits her well.

Thirdly, Her character/how she acts

Yoshino is very kind and sweet.

But more than that she is very very shy and insecure.

I personally think Yoshino is too shy at times

Let me know if you think she’s too shy in the comment section.

That’s at the bottom of the page.?

Yoshino is very cute and she is definitely a loli.

Fourth and finally, Her power

Yoshino controls the water and ice wether attributes.

She can freeze an entire block in one second as well as create an ice fforce field.

That shoots ice bullets at the speed and force. Of a machine-gun firing.

Her angle is a giant bunny that freezes stuff solid as well as she can ride on.

Date a live season 1 blue ray

Date a live season 2 blue ray


This is my thoughts about Yoshino

Her name, her clothing and design, how she acts, as well as her powers.

I hope you enjoyed Date A Live what I think about Yoshino.

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