Date a live what I think about Kotori! what do you think!? >

Date a live what I think about Kotori! what do you think!?

Date A Live what I think about Kotori.

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Let’s start Date A Live what I think about Kotori! With no further ado let’s get started!

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First I want to say Kotori is not one of my favorite spirits.

She is not even one of my favorite characters.

But this does NOT mean i don’t like her or I think she’s a great character so stay tuned.

Firstly, her name Kotori

I don’t think I have ever heard that name before so I think it’s unique.

It could be I just need to expand my anime watch list encyclopedia.

But as far as I can remember that’s the only place I’ve heard that name.

Let me know in the comments section below if you were that name somewhere else In anime before.

Kotori I think it’s a good name for her unique and different but seem to fit her.

Next, Her spirit armor and hair

I’m not going to lie I love Kotori’s spirit armor.

Let’s start with the horns on her head I think they’re cool,

although as far as I know, they have no point for them.

Next, her white and pink robe that is literally on fire the robe has a brown belt and trim in some places.

Now let’s talk about her hair.

Kotori is a redhead in many cases redheads are hotheads in anime.

Red is the color to express hotheadedness.

Very often in anime, it is used to help the story and characters be better understood.

Hair tells a lot about the characters. Don’t forget that it’s important.

Kotori is definitely a hothead.

In her, it’s not as noticeable as other characters in anime.

Overall i love her character design from the robe to the flames to the horns!!

Thirdly, Her character/how she acts

Kotori is a demanding girl. She Can be hardheaded at times,

but most of all she has a sweet side.

She loves her big brother Shido sometimes a little too much lol.

She has a strong will and is always ready to fight if she needs to.

Although when she becomes a spirt she has a tendency to lose control and burn things and possibly kill people.

This shown in the episode when Kotori fights Kurumi and unleashes her spirit powers.

The name she called is Efreet. That’s her spirit name.

Fourth and finally, Her power

Kotori is the exact opposite of Yoshino when it comes to elements and personalty.

Date a live what I think about Kotori

Kotori is a fire element spirit.

She can send a fire bast that can destroy entire towns with one shot.

she is extremely powerful as she nearly defeated Kurumi an S ranked spirit.

at the time she had lost control if Shido had not stepped in front of the flame Kurumi probably would be dead.

The reason she won that fights after being shot through had also had to do with her flame ability.

Kotori has a healing ability. the first time we saw this was after Shido and Tohka go a date.

Shido is shot through the heart. and you see a flame pop up on his chest that’s Kotoris healing powers.

with just that alone she is extremely powerful

Date a live season 1 blue ray

Date a live season 2 blue ray


This is my thoughts about Kotori

Her name, her clothing, and design, how she acts, as well as her powers.

Date a live what I think about Kotori

I hope you enjoyed Date A Live what I think about Kotori.

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