Date A Live review! You might be surprised! >

Date A Live review! You might be surprised!

Date A Live review!

Please read my fellow otaku’s.I will do my best to give you good reviews on anime. I hope you enjoy this review on Date A Live. So enjoy sit back read and find your inner otaku. thanks for reading an article by bluesanime. Please leave comments in the comment section below the article.

Date A Live: The story and review.

First of all, Date A Live is a very enjoyable show,

it is a romantic comedy/science fiction/harem anime.

The show is about a a world where female beings called spirits cause destruction when they enter the world.

These girls are hunted and killed. A 16 year old boy named Shido Itsuka must go on dates with them to save the world.

To save everything he loves, he must seal the powers of these girls.

To do this he must go on dangerous dates with each spirit.

Despite being a harem anime it NOT really perverted.

witch is nice!

Shido treats each girl he meets with respect and kindness, like a man should do for any date he goes on with any women!!


Date a live review

Shido is determined to save these girls and the world.


I enjoyed many of the characters like Tohka Yatigami.

I really liked Tohka’s spirit armor and sword.

The purple and cream colors went very well with her eyes and hair.

I loved Yoshino’s design her green adorable jacket. The color of her Ice blue hair went so well together.

This anime currently has three seasons. BUT we are getting a 4th, at least there are rumors. AWESOME!

Shido goes on many dates with spirits.

Date a live review


Therefore, to sum this up I enjoy every one of the three seasons of this anime and this is my favorite anime OF ALL TIME! not to be bias of course.

Firstly, It is funny and has a lot of battles.


I find it enjoyable that Shido gets stuck in a web of Girls,

he can’t escape from. It’s REALLY FUNNY!

This is DEFINITELY a GREAT anime.

It is in the top 5 dubbed anime. click here for my list of top 5 dubbed anime please check it out.

I hope you like my Review.

In conclusion, the simple truth of it is I love this anime.

I love the characters and I especially love Tohka she is my favorite character. She is my waifu lol!

Tohka is my best girl Similarly to her is Yoshino,

then, Kurumi, last the yumi twins.

If you want to know who all the characters are just watch the show.

Or check out my other posts!

Hurry the greatness of this anime is waiting for you lol.

Please watch this anime I will leave a link date a live on Blu-ray and dvd.

Date A Live season 1 blue ray

Date a live season 2 blue ray


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Above all give it 10 out of 10?

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