Black clover review. Check it out otakus. >

Black clover review. Check it out otakus.

Black clover
Mimosa Vermillion

The review


Black clover is a shonen/magic/fantasy anime. This anime is about a boy named Asta, Asta was dropped off at an orphanage when he was born. He lives in a world where it’s not about if you have magic power, but how much you have. Asta was born with no magic when his friend Yuno was born with an incredible amount. Both Asta and Yuno wish to become the wizard king.

What the audience thinks.

The audience is very negative towards this show, those people are WAY more negative then they should be. Most put this show down because of Asta’s screaming. This means they are watching the sub version of this show. I watch the dub version of black clover which is much more pleasant on the ears. I have been told there’s not as much screaming later In the show. This show Is definitely worth watching. My anime list Gives it a 7.60 stay tuned for my rating at the end.

My opinion

Black clover is a great anime right now this anime is on my top 10 favorite anime list. This show is highly enjoyable to watch. It also makes you highly excitable. I recommend it to anybody who likes shonen/magic/fantasy anime.


I do want to mention that the anime can have slower/choppy animations. The animation didn’t bother me though. One of my favorite characters is Mimosa Vermilion. I enjoy watching her fight even when she does not have much strength left to fight. It’s very inspiring and makes the battles more fun to watch. Speaking of the battles their very fast pace with Asta inspiring everyone in the group. Asta is another one of my favorite characters. His courage and willingness to give everything to protect the one he cares about against all odds is the way I believe the world should be. Therefore it’s also inspiring

.TV Animation “Black Clover” “Botchi-kun” Acryl Charm Asta

"Black Clover" Black Bull Squad Robe /

I give Black Clover 9.5 out of 10 daemon Slayer ?

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