Akame ga KILL review! Book /volume 1. let's read otaku’s! >

Akame ga KILL review! Book /volume 1. let’s read otaku’s!

Akame ga KILL review!

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Firstly, the introduction and summary

Akame ga KILL is about a boy named Tatsumi. Tatsumi goes to the capital to in list in the army. To gain money for his poor village. Tatsumi is taken in by a Rich little girl; He soon finds out that this girl is not so nice after all. Then Tatsumi ends up with a different career choice. Aka an assassin.


The audience loves the manga and anime MAL gives it an 8.02 out of 10 stay tuned to the end of the article for my score you never know what it could be. This was a popular manga. The news spread like wildfires in the middle of the jungle.

Thirdly, my opinion

Fourthly, details

I really enjoyed the art. As an anime artist, myself not a very good on I enjoyed the action scenes the most. The scenes would confuse my head. This was to the point I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. I Had to take a second and look again.

This is the is well worth reading and watching . Volume 1 was the first manga I have ever read without skipping parts of the book, or stop reading the book altogether. I have never been a huge fan of manga I have always loved anime. But books, in general, are hard for me to sit through. I have adhd so I have never found books enjoyable. Personally, I enjoyed every second of akame ga KILL volume 1. I read the book In an afternoon. When I put the book down within an hour it was back in my hands.

One of my favorite scenes was the weather Leone pulls away Tatsumi pretty much without giving him a chance to chose to join or not.

Finally the End and grade

I give this akame ga KILL review

9 out of 10 katana

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