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About Us

Welcome to Bluesanime ! Anime is everything to me. I hope you enjoy the content as I do my best to provide you with good quality products and entertainment. Despite the name, I do more than just anime. I also specialize in standard video editing and sentimental occasion montages.

About The Owner

My name is Noah Jirka. I’ve been a fan of Japanese style animation since I was a little kid. That passion led me to create videos Anime Music Videos or AMVs. I found out very quickly that when I create these videos, not only does it make me happy but it also brings joy to all those who view it ! Once I realized that my videos made people happy, I knew I had to make more videos. So that’s my goal: to make people happy with my videos.Soon after realizing that I was making people happy with my videos. It became my goal to continue to make people happy with my videos.

Mission Statement

To put a SMILE on your face with a single video and to help the world see it’s good to be creative and DIFFERENT!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to fill out the form below ! You can also email me directly or give me a call.

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