Tokyo Ghoul review season 1. lets be Otakus! Halloween

Tokyo Ghoul review season 1

I would like to say thank you very much for reading my posts. So with out any further ado, let’s get started with Tokyo Ghoul review!

Tokyo Ghoul Is a dark fantasy/horror fiction and thriller anime. It is about Ken Kaneki

Kaneki is turned into Ghoul.

Not long after this Kaneki finds that once being human no half ghoul,

he can see the world from both angles.

Tokyo Ghoul review season 1.

Ghouls kill humans to survive.

Humans kill ghouls to protect another humans.

Both fight to live what will happen in the cruel world they live in.

What the audience thinks


This show was recommended to me by a friend.

He thought very highly of the anime.

I put it off probably for about year and half.


Many people love this anime and so do I.

My opinion

Like I said I highly regret waiting to watch Tokyo Ghoul.

I personally very much dislike the horror genre.

This anime is definitely an acception.

I think it’s a wonderful anime with a great story.

I would DEFINITELY recommend it.


Firstly, the thing I noticed about my favorite character Tohka is her design.

Although I can’t explain it.

I found it unique.

I thought the same of Kameki’s design.

Tokyo Ghoul review season 1.

Really every one has a unique design and I like that.

I think the animation was very smooth especially I fast pace scenes.

like battles or running and jumping.

Although the show was very gory

So I don’t think it’s for families.

And that will definitely affect the grade.

For the too long didn’t read crowd a summary.

I think Tokyo Ghoul is a great anime and worth watchIng. Very good and smooth animation. Good battles with smooth movement! But pretty damn gory.

Tokyo Ghoul review season 1.

I rate this one 8.25 ? out of 10

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks so much for staying to the end.

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