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Date A Live: What I think about Natsumi! What do you think?!

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Date A Live: What I think about Natsumi! With no further ado let’s get started!

Firstly, I want to say Natsumi is my least favorite Spirit.

Natsumi is definitely an Interesting character!


Firstly, her name Natsumi

I know that name is used enough to be noticed.

Date A Live: What I think about Natsumi

But I only recall 2 anime that I heard that name in.

Natsumi is a wonderful name but,

I’m still not sure what made Kōshi Tachibana Choose that name.

Don’t get me wrong I love the name.

I just don’t have any reasoning in my opinion why he would pick that name.

Next, Her spirit armor and hair

Her spirit armor or astral dress is a purple semi-transparent suit with star patterns all over it.

She wares a belt with gem stone and short clothes like a skirt at her waist.

Date A Live: What I think about Natsumi

She also wears a cape as well as a witch hat with bat wings.

Natsumi has long jade hair as well as matching jade eyes.

Her true form is a little girl with different but similar attire and unkempt hair.

Thirdly, Her character/how she acts

Natsumi is kind, kind of Bratish, and very insecure about the way she looks.

As well as the way people are attracted to her.

And what they think about her.

This is why she uses her magic to change her form into a hot 20-year-old adult.

Date A Live: What I think about Natsumi

Natsumi cares for the others this includes Shido and the other girls.

Most of all, it seems she’s left that braty behavior behind her,

and decided Its time to live a little.

Fourth and finally, Her power

Natsumi’s angel is a broom.

She has the power of shape shifting and transformation.

Natsumi has the power to change the shape of anything and everything.

Date A Live: What I think about Natsumi

This includes her self but the object must be within one kilometer from her to do so.

But if she loses concentration it will all go back to it’s original form.

She also has the power to send things into another dimension through her mirror.

As well as the ability to change her angel into any other angle.

It will on the other hand be less powerful.

Date a live season 1 blue ray

Date a live season 2 blue ray


This is my thoughts about Natsumi

Her name, her clothing, and design, how she acts, as well as her powers.

I hope you enjoyed Date A Live what I think about Natsumi!

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