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Top 4 anime girls with green hair!&1 BADASS guy!

Top 4 anime girls with green hair!&1 BADASS guy!

Top 4 anime girls with green hair!

let’s get the Top 4 anime girls with green hair &1 powerful guy post going! , Remember everyone has their own opinions. If you have one put it in the comments!!! We love hearing from you and we really really want to so leave a comment!! We will answer every comment or question! Now with no further ado here we GO!


C.C Code Geass

C.C Is a girl of mystery we know very little about her.

Her past, present, and future are all pretty much just bits and pieces to us.

She is very mute and quiet,

But she is kind caring and loving.

C.C lost her humanity in a sense when she obtained geass.

SPOILER her geass is the ability to be loved,

under any circumstances.

Once a slave now hundreds of years old immortal.

Chopped up into pieces and blow-up by a bomb!

Still alive but Wishes to die more than anything. This is C.C


Asa Shuffle

From the beginning of shuffle, Asa is a cheerful girl with a bright smile.

Asa is a wonderful cook.

So much so that she teaches others in the cooking club!

As the leader of and teacher of the cooking club.

She is A bit of a Tomboy. But she can be sweet too.

SPOILER Asa is a half-demon. although being only half-human she looks like a full-blooded human. She HATES using her magic. Even though it puts her in serious pain And gives her a multitude of health problems. If she does not release the overwhelming power that is too strong for her body to handle.

This describes Asa to a T in my humble opinion.


Natsumi Date A Live

Natsumi is sweet, kind, and A little bit of a loudmouth but a great character.

She is often insecure about her body,

So much so that she uses magic to change the entire look of her body.

She is a loli in short.

But changes her body to look like her early to mid-’20s

Natsumi has a lot of power.

She use magic not only to change her form,

Top 4 anime girls with green hair

But also to fight.

She cares for her friends and Shido more the she cares about her appearance.

This definitely describes Natsumi.

Fourthly, 18+

Suu everyday life with monster girls

Suu is a kind but clueless girl.

She is a a monster as the name of the show suggests.

Suu is a slime that can take human form.

She does not know a lot of language/words.

Sue can also absorb liquids like water.

This usually just makes her boobs huge.

(Fan service love it or hate it.)

Finally, that badass guy

Izuku/Deku My Hero Academia

Firstly, I know multiple people will disagree With this choice.

If you don’t like it tell me who you think should be the badass guy in this list.

Next Izuku Once a weakling now powerful as hell even with only 8% power

Of course no match for all might.

After that Izuku trained for mouths to gain the strengthened body he has now.

Add in a touch of one for all you got badass super hero.

Izuku worked his way form the bottom to the top. ( the very top)

People admire him and follow,

Him they trust his wisdom and knowledge.

And know he very rarely makes the wrong choice.

Finally, These are the reasons I chose Izuku Midoriya!

Firstly, I hope you like my pics for Top 4 anime girls with green hair&1 BADASS guy!

Secondly, if you like anime re-post this on social media. 

Also in the comments tell me who your favorite green haired character in anime is boy or girl.

Thirdly, tell me what post you want me to do next. 

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  1. AvatarAvatar

    I can’t give a reason since I don’t watch One Piece, but I have a feeling that Zoro could be on this list. He sounds like and looks like a badass.

    • BluesanimeBluesanime

      I do agree although I’ve never watched one piece either so I can’t say for sure that’s why he’s not here. But he was definitely in my thought processes when doing this. He is definitely worth mentioning. Thank you for the comment and I definitely agree.

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