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Date A Live: 5 FACTS ABOUT Tohka! Let’s have fun otakus!!

Date A Live: 5 FACTS ABOUT Tohka!

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Secondly, I would like to say Tohka is my FAVORITE spirit in Date A Live.

Number one voice actor

first on this list is the Japanese and English voice actor!

Tohka is voiced by Marina Inoue in the Japanese version of the anime.

But in the English version Michelle Rojas in the.

Number 2 her Mana

Tohka has a Insane amount of mana within her Spirit body form and (It can use it to her advantage.)

(The stuff in will come up, again soon, next, or later).

Number 3 Tohka’s types of attack And how she enhances them

Tohka’s fighting style is Basically strong and swift physical attacks.

She uses (mana) encasement on her sword and body.

As well as high energy attack (like a laser beam) combined with her sword.

Number 4 Her personality

Tohka is new to everything this includes her emotions,

she has a happy/cheerful and child-like personality.

So at times, she can be naïve, emotional, energetic, and gullible.

She easily became excited at seeing all the stuff on Earth that she had never seen before.

She also Has a huge respect For human Life after seeing how Peaceful and happy Humans are.

Her name and what it means

Tohka’s name reflects the naming pattern amongst Spirit characters.

Tohka’s name is written as 十香,

with the character for ten making up the elements of or composing her name.

The ten in her name references to the Tenth Sephira in the Tree of Life of Kabbalah,

referring to kingdom.

The idea of kingdom is obvious in her attire,

which is a mix between the dress of a princess as well as the armor of a knight, and her weapon,

which comes in the form of a throne.

Here is a bonus one! You might’ve heard me talk about before

Purple is the color of Royalty and is often used as a hair Color to describe Royal characters.

Tohka’s hair colour is not just purple, But her entire outfit is.

There’s a fun fact about the color purple! As well as how it’s used in anime.

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