Date A Live: PU messenger bag review! Tohka Yatogami!!

Date A Live: PU messenger bag review!

Firstly, I want to say if you have not watched Date A Live GO!! watch it now here are the links. Date a live season 1 blue ray, Date a live season 2 blue ray . Now let’s get right into Date A Live: PU messenger bag review!

Secondly, This bag has Tohka on it. Tohka is my favorite spirit.

In Date A Live She is awesome. check out Date A Live what I think about Tohka. what do you think? This will give you a really good idea of Tohka!

Now let’s continue.

Firstly, I want to say the bag feels extremely well made, (for the most part!!)

I say for the most part because

The pockets on the inside feel like they could have used stuff a little more durable.

Overall the bag feels extremely well made though.


The artwork on the bag.

It honestly looks beautiful.

The colors are vivid,

They’re also bright as well as printed nicely.

After that,

I would like to say that this bag was made out of PU leather.

It feels nice and because it is made out of PU leather it is highly water-resistant.

The flap can be replaced with another one or a different one.

So you can put characters like Yoshino, Kurumi, or other series on the bag.

On the shoulder strap, there is a pad to stop the strap from rubbing against your neck.


The pad can be taken off because there is a buckle on one side of the strap. This is to unclip and take the pad off.

The clip is also there to help adjust the strap.

I like that there is velcro to hold the flap against the side of the bag.


There is a D ring on the side to hang things like keychains I really like that!

If you want to buy this bag click here I think its a great product, I recommend it I give it an A

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  1. I do apologize in advance if this is a new comment. I don’t see the comment I just posted, so I’m creating a new one. I would be more than interested in buying merchandise that you have. As of now, however, I’m tight on money and am unable to spend it on anything. When I do have the money though, I will let you know and be glad to buy something from you.

    • Thank you VERY VERY MUCH And I understand being tight on money I am a housekeeper at a hospital 20 years old and live with my parents trust me I get it although I have big dreams I want to get out there one day I want to make money so I can take my family to Jamaica and my entire step family Which is about 17 people I would also like to Byam a stepmom who is more like a mom to me a house in Maryland where her family is my step mom has cancer so I’m hoping she’ll see that day So I work hard do my best every day like I was raised too but trust me I get it i’m just thankful for your support thank you again!!!!????? The way I look at life is if you only have one way to go you go up and never stop thank you!

  2. I personally have not watched Date A Live but it is on my list of Animes to see. That bag does look well made. I like how it’s made of leather, especially black leather. It’s definitely going to hold up for a long time, and if not, then it’s a good collectible to have.

    • I want to thank you for continually coming back to my blog I really do appreciate it you being A loyal reader. Date a live is a great anime is my favorite straight up my favorite and the bag does feel very well-made if you go to Amazon they have other bags like it one kind of made of a canvas material I don’t like that one as much I had one like it with the seven deadly sins on it I think the PU leather is awesome. Or a totally different route would you be willing to look into the merchandise that I have created using another site I have a really nice bag that I’m using right now for tablets and extremely well-made to it has my logo on it if you would like to buy something with my logo on it and you don’t see it in the store let me know I might be able to create one of what you’re looking for using the site and you can buy that. And I don’t want u to feel like I’m forcing you to do it! If you want to you want to. If you have the money you have the money Never feel forced to buy anything for me but I would be grateful if you look into it thank you again for being a loyal reader it really means a lot to me!!!

    • Then you should go watch it soon it’s a great anime and the bag is well-made as I said in the post! Thanks for reading and tell all your friends and family about bluesanime blog where anime lives! Thanks again!!

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