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Date A Live What I think about Kaguya! what do you think!?

Date A Live What I think about Kaguya!

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Date A Live What I think about Kaguya! With no further ado let’s get started!

Firstly, I want to say the Yamai twins are tied for my favorite List of spirits for fourth place.

Kaguya is definitely a good character as well!

Firstly her name Kaguya

My first thoughts were Kaguya I have never head that before.

I think it’s interesting and a good name it seems more aggressive, unlike her sister’s name.

That seemed tamer.

I think this is good because Kaguya is more aggressive than her twin Yuzuru.

Next, Her spirit armor and hair

I’m not going to lie Kaguya’s armor looks like bondage gear.

Pretty much it’s a kinky outfit; it looks like it’s meant for pornos.

Although the show is meant for 14-year-olds. They can’t make it to reveling, kinky, or inappropriate.

BESIDES THAT I do think it looks very cool.

I the colors of her spirit armor are meant to go well; with the color scheme and ginger hair. They succeeded!!

Now to her hair. Her hair is ginger. That means she’s a redhead.

And she is definitely a hothead. Redheads are Commonly hotheads commonly hot heads in anime. But not always.

That is done to tell a story using the character’s hair.

Personally, I think Ginger characters can be very attractive but that might just be me because I am a ginger myself LOL.

A funny story often times you see gingers that are hotheaded; So that’s probably why they use ginger and red as the color to describe that.

Thirdly, Her character/how she acts

Kaguya is a girl that is aggressive or a girl that fights for what she wants.

To clarify what I mean by aggressive.

Kaguya is strong-willed, sweet, and loving.

But the one she cares for the most is Yuzuru her twin who I will talk about soon on a later post.

After that it’s Shido. Then the rest of the girls.

As we talked about earlier Kaguya is a little hotheaded.

This probably has a lot to do with a strong will and aggressiveness.

Fourth and finally, Her power

Kaguya is one half of Yami. A spirit that was split in two.

Both of them are wind element spirits.

Kagaya has a lance-like weapon but this is 1/2 of the combined weapon that both halves make. When both of them are together. In the comments, if you know what The weapon is. Put it in the comments.

Because she is a wind spirit she can fly.

As well as Teleport.

Date a live season 1 blue ray

Date a live season 2 blue ray


This is my thoughts about Kaguya.

Her name, her clothing, and design, how she acts, as well as her powers.

I hope you enjoyed Date A Live what I think about Kaguya.

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