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Date a live my thoughts on Kurumi Tokisaki! Let’s think!

Date a live my thoughts on Kurumi Tokisaki!

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Let’s start Date a live my thoughts on Kurumi Tokisaki! With no further ado let’s get started!

Firstly, Her name Kurumi

When I first heard that her name was Kurumi.

I thought it was weird they couldn’t pick a less common name.

That’s what I initially thought.

But as the show went on I thought the name Kurumi fits her very well.

But initially, I definitely thought it was odd to use a common name,

especially for a anime like Date a live thats definitely not common.

Next, Her outfit or spirit armor


I think it works well with every other aspect or essential color/designs schemes.

Her clock eye even goes well with it. I love the red and black as well as the bonnet on her head.

I think In the art aspect of her design. Kurumi was done very well.

Thirdly, Her character/how she acts

Kurumi is a classic yandere.

Kurumi is psychotic by far.

She wants to eat Shido who you can tell she’s definitely starting to fall for.

Not to mention she has killed over 10,000 people!

This does not include spacequake that she has caused!

Fourth and finally, Her power

First I want to say I think Kurumi has the most or one of the most powerful powers in Date a live.

Check out my top 6 powers of ALL TIME In anime!

Maybe I’m any anime world. Kurumi is practically immortal. She can steal other people’s time.

As well as reverse, fast forward and stop time.

Not to mention she can send someone back in time and completely f*** up thetimeline.

Oh YEAH she can also reattach limbs buy reversing the time around a specific part of her body.

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This is my thoughts about Kurumi.

Her name, her clothing and design, how she acts, as well as her powers.

I hope you enjoyed Date a live my thoughts on Kurumi Tokisaki!

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