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Top 6 powers OF ALL TIME in anime!

Top 6 powers OF ALL TIME in anime! Countdown time otaku’s

Firstly, Let start the post with thanks for coming. Also, it’s very important for you to comment. Please comment on anything. Let’s start Top 6 powers OF ALL TIME in anime! With no further ado let’s get started

Firstly, Time Manipulation Kurumi Tokisaki

Date A Live

Firstly, Kurumi she is an S ranked spirit –

that has the power to manipulate time.

Secondly, this power can be used in many different ways.

Thirdly, for instance, if her arm gets cut off she can reverse-

time on her self with out affecting everything-

around her. This attaches her arm back to her body.

Fourthly, She has the ability to also bring versions of her self from the past to fight-

from any given timeline.

If you want to watch Date A Live

Secondly, One For All Deku

My Hero Academia

If you don’t know what one for all,

is you are way out of the loop.

One for all is a power that can,

be transferred to another.

By swallowing the current users DNA.

One for all gets more powerful-

with each user as well as more explosive.

One for all increases stamina, strength, and speed.

As well as every other physical attribute.

This allows the user to even Chang the-

weather with the wind from on explosive punch.

If you want to watch My Hero Academia

Thirdly, Geass Lelouch 

Code Geass

Firstly, Geass also known as the power of kings.

The hight of supernatural powers.

Secondly, Lelouch’s Geass a lows him to control anyone-

up to one time. Thirdly, Geass comes in many-

different forms. Like mind reading up too I’m pretty-

sure 500 meters. I think that was the exact number of-

meters. The problem with this geass is it can’t be-

turned off. Meaning the constent antagonizing-

thoughts never stop. You always hear those thoughts.

It drives you mad. So remember the power –

of kings is nothing to f*** with weather or not-

your on the winning side or the losing side.

If you want to watch Code Geass

Fourthly, Immortality Krul Tepes 

Seraph Of The End

Immortality obviously it is the ability to live forever.

Firstly, It would be higher but the problem with Immortality is-

that even being immortal technically there is always a-

way too kill you.

So you technically can never be truly immortal.

Third, like for instance, Krul is a vampire so a stake-

or demon weapon would kill her. Pureblood or not.

If you want to watch Seraph Of The End

Fifthly, Dragon slayer magic Natsu

Fairy Tail

Dragon slayer magic comes in many different forms.

But we’re talking about fire dragon slayer magic.

It raw destructive power and ability to be used in almost every situation-

Comes in handy Natsu has destroyed entire towns with this magic.

That was completely by accident imagine what could happen-

if someone evil got ahold of this power.

If you want to watch

Finally, Black Asta Asta

Black Clover

Asta has a possessed form by a demon inside Asta’s grimoire.

This form is called Black Asta.

In this form, Asta can take down a mage at the caption level.

Asta also wields one of his anti-magic swords,

While in this form. This makes him extremely powerful.

Theirs not much more to say on black Asta

If you want to watch Black Clover

Part 1

Part 2

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