What is Anime? I will answer this question today.

The question to day is what is Anime.

Firstly, let’s start with this. Anime is short for animation. Although what anime/manga is, or what qualifies I should say is different to each person. Like I said it is just animation. To be More specific though it is the Japanese style of animation.

Where animes influence came from

The father of Japanese animation /manga got most of his influence of Western cartoons. For instance one of the biggest influence came from Walt Disney. This is why anime looked almost identical to western cartoons. Take for example Astro boy and Betty Boop. It has many different styles created over the years. This has happened as the style has evolved into many branches of styles.

Astro Boy

What qualifies

Like I said there are waring opinions on this. My take on it is all that it is, is an animation. This animation must use one of the many forms of Japanese drawing styles, even if it’s close to the Western styles. That means my personal opinion is that shows like avatar the last Airbender and Legend of Korra are qualified as anime. You must remember everyone has their own personal opinions on this. If you have something to say about it put it in the comments I love those conversations. So, please leave comments.

What is Anime?
Kagome (Inuyasha series)

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