What is a loli? Why do we love them?

what is a loli

Today we will be answering the question: what is a loli?

what is a loli

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Let’s get right into this. First,I would like to thank all of you for reading my post. I would also like to say if you want to suggest post like this one email me here at or comment. All ideas are appreciated. I will not promise though that there will be a post on it. Now without any further ado let’s get started on what is a loli? Why do we love them?

to answer this you must know that a character does not have to be a child (to be a lolI) a character could be 3.5 billion years old and still be a loli.

Not even mental age matters.

Technically there are 3 types of loli’s

under age, teenage, and adult loli’s

Underage lol’s are pretty much how they sound.

They are the little girls before there teenage year’s

I’d say about 4-12 year’s of age

Before developing a real breast/bra size.

In reality, they are children!

Next there are teenage loli’s.

They are also like what they sound like.

Teen loli’s for short are the 13 – 17-year-old girls.

Usually there about in high school.

But they don’t really have any airbags lol.

In another word they there flat-chested.

Usually by this point they are able to sexual desire and wants.


And yeah they have the body of children so pedophile’s stay away!

Last we have adult loli’s.

They are the girls that or anywhere from 18 to have lived forever

These ones are a little bit different.

Think of a Vampire or goddess.

There bodies don’t age.

Like rory the reaper she’s about 960 years old.

But her breasts have not developed and she looks like she’s about 10.

These girls are old enough to act on sexual desires.

Just as Rory does in Gate.

But she does not succeed lol.

But they still have the bodies of children.

And under no circumstance should you get inappropriate thoughts about children!

It’s important to know being a loli really has nothing to with age.

Rory Mercury In gate does not age.

As a result, she looks like a 10-year-old.

Also Athena from Campione She’s ancient literary.

Also, She is a goddess.

just like Rory has the body, face of a child.

Although lolis could be a child or underage.

Think about Yoshino from Date A Live.

Yoshino is about 13 and is also most definitely a loli.

Also Just like Natsumi from Date A Live.

Now we have an understanding that lolis are not always children.

Know that all these characters have very distinct childlike features.

To sum it up this means a loli is a female character that also has childlike features.

As a result of them having childlike features,

that’s the key to them being a loli.

This includes stuff like a childlike body or face

The question of why do we love them.

Don’t think I forgot my friends and fellow otaku’s.
To be honest,

everyone has different reasons/opinions for loving lolis my reasons are easy.

They’re always cute and lovable.


I think it’s funny how such little girls can have such a big attitude or lively spirit.

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my post.

Also, I hope you enjoyed it and come back for more.

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  1. AvatarAvatar

    I always thought there were 3 classifications of lolis; underage, teenage, and adult lolis. Then again, I believe that started to become a thing when western culture found out about them and the culture behind them. I could be wrong though. Personally, I like lolis for the same reasons you listed. They are super cute and adorable and their personalities, which can vary from energetic to lively, makes them very loveable.

    • BluesanimeBluesanime

      Tha first thanks for the comment technically There are 3 classifications of lolis I just gave the basics So you are right. Basically what describes them is their child like features regardless of age so there can be underage, teenage, and adult But they all have child like features. I believe you’re right about the western culture finding out about them. I could be wrong too but I believe you’re right it’s nice to know someone shares my opinion about lolis. I just want to add this to this comment before ending it in the very near future I will have almost all of my blog post recorded and available to listen to it will be 2.99 a one time fee and you will be able to listen to all of them there will also be some extra stuff that will not be in my blog post. I hope to have you as a member of my website/blog thank you again for the comment I really appreciate the comment and urge you to comment on more of my post If you want to talk please post a comment if you have something to say just post comment thanks

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